The stones of David

Photography and Photo montage based on a visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Krakow Poland in conjunction with dream like images. Photo prints on stone plates. Please contact us with your comments or suggestions of exhibiting this important art ? The artist wants to donate the Shoah collection of art to the Holocaust museum who will take upon themselves to exhibit it, and to organise the transportation of the art works from the current storage in Germany. The art is too important to be stored in a warehouse.

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I visited the Jewish cemetery in Krakow

the snow on the broken graves made a strong impression

they had once been graves of loved ones

then stolen by the Nazis and crushed by evil

placed as pavement in the entrance of extermination camps

where millions of victims had to walk their last Golgotha

on fragments of their own rich culture

just one of the many insulting actions of the murdering rulers

now the stones had be transported back to the original graves

but broken, in fragments

because they where stones and not flesh and blood

they survived the hell fire

they are the legacy

they carry with them all the forgotten names

the scattered lives are incarnated into the stones

so we shall not forget

the remembering stones stands silent

but strong

like the rock of Israel.

I placed a pebble on one of the broken graves

To pay my respect

And a line from a Jewish song came to my mind.

"There are men with hearts of stone, and stones with the hearts of men."

Thomas D Bergh